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Double Glazing

New Installation

Be Prepared

Be prepared for another Wellington winter by improving your home before those chilly winds blast through! 

Install European design PVCu inserts double glazing to your existing timber windows and doors (even vertical sliding windows.
This will produce a more comfortable and quieter home experience with reduced noise levels, less heat-loss, and it contributes towards lower heating bills.

This is also the ideal time to consider any alterations to the configuration of your windows, eg removal of some sashes for a larger window to achieve a panoramic view. It can also be a good time to update security fittings.

Benefits of Double Glazing

Condensation is a common problem in single-glazed Kiwi homes. Moisture from condensation can cause unhealthy mould around windows/doors, and damage your health and your home.

Reduce heat loss

Save energy

Reduced condensation

Reduced noise

Increased security

Reduce glare

Warmer in Winter

Cooler in Summer

Replace Thermal Drapes

Minimal Maintenance

Adds Value

Improved Lifestyle

How does it work?

PVCu and Retro-Fit

Replace your existing windows with European design PVCu inserts or retrofit to your existing timber windows.  With Retrofit you keep the original windows, but replace the glass with double glazing with the original external glazing bead being replaced by a colour-matched double glazing bead to allow for the thicker double glazed unit. Opening sashes need to be generally replaced as they usually cannot be retrofitted.

Timber retro installation involves the removal of the timber frames and machining the glazing rebate, making it deeper to allow for the new double glazed units. 

An external glazing bead is then applied ensuring a totally sealed section, so no drainage holes are needed. The sashes are rehung on new stainless steel hinges and any new hardware (eg additional catches, security fittings etc) will be installed prior to a final top coat of paint being applied.

These units are then siliconed in place with Simson ISR 70-03 synthetic polymer adhesive based on SILYL MODIFIED POLYMER smp technology. 

During the installation any repairs needed to the timber sub-frames can be carried out by us or your nominated builder.

New Install

PVCu Insert Windows & Doors Installation

Installation consists of removing the transom, mullion and sash sections, making good and retaining the surrounding frame.

PVCu inserts are made to your configuration and installed, all of which is carried out on site.

Providing your existing windows are in good condition this can be an ideal solution. The process for all retro­fitted timber double glazing is to remove your existing single glazing and replace it with new double glazed units together with colour matched external beading. Closing sashes generally cannot be retro fitted so replacements will be needed. New handles are standard and extra security hardware can be fitted as required.

Timber Windows and Doors

As with PVCu, if your frames (even double hung) are in good order they can be modified to accept double glazing. If not, replacements can be supplied.

This process consists of the removal of your windows, de­glazing them and machining them to accept the new doubled glazed units. The frames are then sanded down and pre-primed ready for reglazing. The glass units are then sealed into the frames with paintable silicone and new external timber beads ready for a top coat of paint.

Flexible draught stripping is fitted to all opening sashes on installation. This is the ideal time to consider any alterations to the configuration of your windows eg. removal of some sashes for a larger unit to achieve that panoramic view and also for updating security fittings.

Glass Units

20mm units consist of a 4mm glass pane, a 12mm spacer and another 4mm glass pane. This can achieve a 50% heat loss reduction and a 25% noise reduction. These reductions can be increased by the addition of argon gas to the glass spacing.

N.B. The glass thickness may alter to comply with regulations

Low E Information

External Condensation

Another issue that a small number of homeowners experience is “external condensation” on the outside of their new double glazed windows and doors. This is often after the homeowner has installed low emissivity glass (Low E Glass), which reflects heat back into the room.

This can be quite confusing for the small number of home owners who experience external condensation as in the main people are expecting reduced or no condensation once they have fitted double glazing.

In Short the “problem” is caused by the fact that the Low E glass is doing its job so well and reflecting heat back into the room.

Condensation on External Glass Surfaces

External condensation (dew) can occasionally occur on highly insulating glass units in temperate climates. Such occurrences will only happen on cloud-free nights when there is little or no wind and usually when a warm front follows a dry spell.

The combination of several factors, namely external air temperature, localised microclimate and the thermal transmittance of the glazing itself may all contribute to the formation of external condensation.

As a consequence of variable temperatures and localised conditions, it is possible to experience a situation whereby both clear and ‘misted’ windows exist at the same time in the same development.

However, the combination of contributing factors is largely unpredictable and therefore it is not possible to quantify the number of occasions when external condensation will occur. Instances of external condensation are relatively rare and in all cases it will be a transient effect. Upon any one of the climatalogical variables changing, the condensation on the glazing will usually dissipate within a short period of time in much the same way as morning dew.

Before & After

Colonial bars? No problem!

Small windows such as those shown above are no problem for us. Even colonial bars can be retro-fitted to double glazing. You keep the look you've come to love, and you retain the benefits that double glazing brings.

An alternative is to replace your windows with a new European-style PVCu inserts.



Retro-Fit wooden frames

Convert your old cold windows to new warm ones.



Replace Louvre wooden frames

Seal in the heat by converting your louvre style windows to double glazed windows.




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PVCu Installation Windows

PVCu Installation Windows

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PVCu Double Glazed Windows

PVCu Double Glazed Windows

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PVCu Double Glazed Doors

Retro fit bi-fold timber windows





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